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SullivanPLAN offers land use, environment, and climate planning services to assist our clients build strong and vibrant communities.

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Planning, Sustainability, and Project Management Services

SullivanPLAN works with public and private sector clients throughout the various stages of the planning process. We offer customized planning services to help meet the needs of each project to help our clients achieve their goals.


Responsible planning understands and respects the relationship between people, buildings and spaces.

SullivanPLAN offers extensive experience and a personalized approach to understanding and preparing for responsible land use change, whether that is creating an entirely new place or re-developing existing ones.

Our Planners foster relationships with clients and communities to help both understand common goals and consider all points of view. Understanding the community allows us to respond with a solid basis for managing change.

The planning we do today respects the past, preserves the environment while looking to the future. All of this is to make our communities the best they can be.

SullivanPLAN offers the services of Registered Professional Planners (RPP), Certified Environmental Professionals (EP), all of whom have are fully qualified to meet your land use needs.

We are experts at addressing your needs, including:


  • Official Plan/Zoning By-law Amendments
  • Plans of Subdivision/Condominium
  • Site Plans & Amendments
  • Professional representation (Council, etc.)


  • Planning Justification Reports/Letters
  • Due Diligence Reports (pre-purchase)
  • Development Options
  • Environmental Impact Studies (EIS)
  • Public Meetings


Identifying and protecting the environment is an important part of planning. We see the environment in forests, wetlands, creeks, rivers, ponds and lakes. Land use rules (e.g. zoning & official plan) protects these natural features. SullivanPLAN understands the rulkes and how they may impact your plans.

SullivanPLAN works with professional biologists to ensure the biology satisfies the land use rules. Together, we write Environmental Impact Studies (EIS) to present the science in a way that clearly addresses the land use policy. Few other EIS consultants take this approach, relying on the science to speak for itself.

SullivanPLAN has written 100’s of EIS for projects of all sizes involving simple Work Permits to full size Plans of Condominium involving four seasons of biological field work. We also do specialized work like wetland delineating, bat surveys and breeding bird surveys, all through our network of professional biologists.

SullivanPLAN is led by a Certified Environmental Professional (EP) who has the experience to prepare EIS’s as well as to handle your permitting needs with the local conservation authority.

We are experts at achieving your environmental goals, including:

  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Work Permits (Conservation authority)
  • Environmental Assessments (Municipal, Provincial infrastructure)
  • Project Management


Climate change. Global warming. Greenhouse Gases. Resilience. It’s confusing, right? Not to us. SullivanPLAN has been studying the impacts of climate change on our communities for over 10 years and has some well-developed solutions to deal with what we call Climate Planning. Our focus is providing a link between the science of climate change (i.e. Greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency and utility use) and land use policy. Complicated, yes. Solvable, absolutely.

Have you ever thought about how our land use decisions affect our communities?

We have and find them to be broad and often difficult to grasp. This is where our expertise comes in. We understand GHG’s and land use policy, enabling our team to talk these two very different languages towards finding the solution.

Our goal is community resilience (ability to “bounce back” after a disaster). Think after your last big weather event (local flooding, wild fire, wind storm, snow/ice storm), how long did it take to get you back up and running?

Climate change is NOT weather. It is the long-term brother of our daily weather. Climate change is challenging to see and accept. SullivanPLAN knows what to look for and has the network of professionals available to find you a solution.

We are experts at the following climate tasks:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions inventories
  • Climate Plans
  • Community Energy Plans
  • Official Plan policy

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