SullivanPLAN offers extensive experience and a personalized approach to understanding and preparing for responsible land use change, whether that is creating an entirely new place or re-developing existing ones.


SullivanPLAN works with professional biologists to ensure the biology satisfies the land use rules. Together, we write Environmental Impact Studies, or EIS, to present the science in a way that clearly addresses the rules.


SullivanPLAN has been studying the impacts of climate change on our communities for over 10 years and has some well-developed solutions to deal with what we call Climate Planning. 

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Community Planning Experts

SullivanPLAN offers a network of like-minded professionals who share their passion to provide our clients with all of the needed services. We want to make great communities, that are liveable, sustainable and attract residents who are proud to call their place home.

Together, we believe in professional integrity, innovation and creativity using a collaborative approval and delivering service excellence.

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What Our Clients Say:

  • We would encourage a prospective client to take advantage of Sullivan Planning Services expertise in finding efficiencies in work practices, developing project plans and strategic courses of action, taking on large scale and complex projects. In fact, the City is keeping our contract open as we may require their services again.
    - Eldon Darbyson, MCIP, RPP | Manager of Planning, City of Thorold

What's New?

What is NIMBY Anyhow??

Posted Jan 12th, 2018

Have you ever heard the acronym NIMBY? If you've ever gone to a public meeting on a proposed development, it is likely you've heard it or,...

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Cities: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Cities: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Posted Jan 3rd, 2018

Over this past Christmas, my wife and I decided to explore the US, so drove from Niagara to Florida (Orlando & Daytona Beach). Being a nerdy...

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Zoning By-laws: A Great Cure for Insomnia. How Can We Improve Them?

Zoning By-laws: A Great Cure for Insomnia. How Can We Improve Them?

Posted Oct 7th, 2017

Zoning By-laws. Just the name conjures up images of red-tape and bureaucracy. Reading one often results in “Zzzzzzzzzzzz”! We read Zoning By-laws for a living and often find them challenging to read, let alone understand. Why does this happen? How can we make them better? Read on for some thoughts and inspiration.

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It’s a Snow day! Happy, Sad, or Frustrated Face?

It’s a Snow day! Happy, Sad, or Frustrated Face?

Posted Aug 22nd, 2017

Do you get excited when it is a snow day!? I’m sure your kids are happy, but for many parents, it means longer commutes, less parking, and frayed nerves. For City workers, it means overtime to clear the streets, budget challenges and crisis management.

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