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SullivanPLAN works with public and private sector clients to design and build strong, sustainable and beautiful communities.


Community Planning Experts

SullivanPLAN offers a network of like-minded professionals who share their passion to provide our clients with all of the needed services. We want to make great communities, that are liveable, sustainable and attract residents who are proud to call their place home.

Together, we believe in professional integrity, innovation and creativity using a collaborative approval and delivering service excellence.

We believe that to plan great communities requires hearing from the community. Residents live in the community and add tremendous value to any planning project.

We are creating strong communities...together!

Working with SullivanPLAN

At SullivanPLAN we live by these words:


SullivanPLAN offers more than 20 years of experience working with municipalities, communities, and private sector clients as they develop their properties.  Customized for your needs, we offer strategic advice and support at all levels of the project to help you meet your goals.

We will

  • Listen to your story
  • Understand your vision, needs and goal
  • Respond with a realistic work plan and timeline, which includes:
    • Identify and coordinate with other professionals (engineer, surveyor, architect)
    • Manage the project and team to get the job done on-time and within budget
    • Be the single point of contact for the municipality
    • Provide clarity and consistency in all communications
    • Represent you in all public forums/meetings
    • Manage all written work with the project team
  • Adjust our response as needed to achieve your goal

Our Approach


To do what we love and demonstrate this to our clients on each and every project.


The consultants of choice, supporting our clients work with integrity, innovation and creativity.


  • Have fun
  • Be a team
  • Make money
  • Embrace change
  • Operate with Integrity
  • Celebrate Success
  • Learn from failure

Michael Sullivan, RPP, EP | Principal Consultant

As a land use development planning specialist, I offer more than 20 years of experience helping residential/commercial clients navigate the development approvals process at municipalities, as well as working with our community leaders,  to assist as they develop and implement their municipal strategic plans. 

About | Michael Sullivan

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